You may be right…

...that business you've been thinking of starting might fail within the first six months, taking the second mortgage on your house with it.

You may be right… that relationship you've been thinking of mending might take a turn for the worse.

You may be right… a total stranger might look at you on the beach or at the pool and actually think that you’re 40 pounds overweight.

You may be right… you won't be able to write that song or that novel or that screenplay you've always thought about.

You may be right… you’re too old to go back to school or take up interior design, marathon training, woodworking, web design, politics or adopt a child.

You may be right… it’d be ridiculous to move to New York to study acting, Europe to study art or Haiti to start an orphanage.

You may be right... your best and most productive years are behind you.

You may be right… today is just another day and there’s nothing new around the bend.

But... what if you're wrong?

What if people just see a woman on the beach enjoying her kids? What if you’re gifted at songwriting or have a knack for storytelling? What if your business struggles but it manages to hold on and eventually boom? What if your estranged mother or brother or child actually picks up the phone and you become a family again? What if in your move across country that you find the love of your life? What if one of your greatest blessings is sitting in an orphanage in China? What if you discover your purpose at 60 or even 70?

What if just around the bend is the moment you’ve been waiting for and if you stay where you are or look the other way you’ll miss it completely?

What if today isn't just another day but the day?

What if?