Use the questions below as a guide for your book club. We would love to to see your comments below.

1. Discuss the role that Nathan's mother's death may have played in his life. What effects, if any, do you see of Nathan's mother's death in the lives of the other characters in the book?

2. In The Christmas Blessing, what is Nathan feeling? How does he view himself? How do you think he may view others? How do you feel about his struggles as a doctor-in-training? At the end of the book, how do you feel about his chosen career path?

3. One of the book's main themes is that our humanly perspective is limited and we must have faith in God that he has a larger plan for our lives. How does Nathan lose perspective in the book? How does his view of himself and his purpose in life change? Can you share a time in your life when you had limited perspective of your circumstances? What was the outcome?

4. Why do Meghan's feelings for Nathan frighten her? What are her fears about falling in love with him? How do Nathan's feelings for her become more prominent in the book? How might his marriage to Meghan enhance his role as a doctor?

5. Describe the ways in which those who come in contact with Charlie are changed. What is Charlie's view of life? How is that different from the view of the other characters in the book?

6. Minor characters are an important part of The Christmas Blessing. Can you name three minor characters? Can you describe how one of those minor characters contributes to the fabric of the storyline?

7. Have you ever had a boss or work associate like Dr. Goetz? How could Nathan have handled Dr. Goetz' presence in his life better? How can people like Dr. Goetz enrich your life?

8. Someone gives a generous gift of money to Charlie's parents on Christmas Day. Why do you think they chose to give the money anonymously? Who might have given them such a gift? Do you think it could have been one of the other characters in the book? Can you share a story of something similar happening to someone in your community?

9. How has Robert Layton's awakening in The Christmas Shoes influenced his life? How have his relationships changed? How does he manage to become an inspiration? Does his change remind you of anyone you know?