Use the questions below as a guide for your book club. We would love to to see your comments below.

1. What are some of the emotions and feelings that paint Christine's life in the prologue and Chapters One and Two? What are Jason's emotions and feelings? How do they differ from Christine's? How are they the same?

2. How would you describe Marshall? Is Jason anything like him? Why are names so important to Marshall and so unimportant to Jason? Do you think Jason really cared that Judy was in the hospital?

3. Did Christine and Brad ever really love each other? What is it that drives Brad to intimidation and threats? When Christine has argued and fought with him again and she's alone with her thoughts, how do you think she feels? Should Christine's mother been more persistent about her not marrying Brad? Would that have made a difference?

4. At what point did the boulder in the road get insurmountable for Christine? What if Judy hadn't pursued finding "Christy"? Do you think the boulder would have remained in Christine's life or do you think others would have helped her move it? Can you name a boulder someone helped you move?

5. Why does Christine feel so comfortable around Gloria, Miriam and Betty and so uncomfortable around Tamara? What is a word to describe Gloria? A word for Miriam? Betty? Tamara? Can you name some differences between Gloria and Miriam and explain why they get along so well? Why does Christine pursue conversation with Tamara?

6. Jason often feels he can get by on charm alone. Which character provides the most resistance to this and how? In what ways does Jason change throughout the book? What prompts this change? Be specific.

7. What is it about Jason that attracts Christine to him? He's obviously younger and immature. What is it? In the same sense, why is Jason drawn to her? Why does Christine feel so stupid the moment he asks for "Christy"? How is their relationship similar to Gloria and her mystery man? Why does Christine feel sad when she learns of Gloria's suitor?

8. Is there a scene that stood out to you as the most poignant? Was there a scene that made you laugh? Which character was most heartbreaking to you? Why? Which character would you most like to have over for dinner?

9. How did the other gifts get in the back of Christine's car? Why didn't the author come right out and say how they got in there? Have you ever given a gift without recognition? How did that make you feel? Why do you think Gloria and Miriam just didn't give the gifts directly to Christine?

10. What is the secret of the treasure? Was there a character who most embodied the secret? Can you name a specific scene with that character? Why would you recommend this book to someone else

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