Use the questions below as a guide for your book club. We would love to to see your comments below.

1. How would you describe Gretchen and Melissa from the opening chapter? How are they different? Alike?

2. Fromwhat you know about each woman in the early chapters what is it that keeps Gretchen going? What keeps Melissa going?

3. How did each of their backgrounds define and shape them? Is Gretchen anything like Miriam? Melissa anything like Ramona?

4. In your opinion who has been the greatest influence in each woman’s life? Explain.

5. Do you think Melissa’s relationship with Josh when he begins work at Wilson’s is a reflection of the majority of relationships in her life to this point? How?

6. Why does Melissa feel comfortable around Gloria and Miriam the first time she meets them? What is it about those two women that put people at ease? Is there a word to describe Gloria? A word for Miriam?

7. Even after Melissa continues to stiff-arm her, Gretchen pursues her. Don’t you think most people would give up? Why didn’t Gretchen throw in the towel?

8. What is the most emotional scene in the book to you? Why? Was there a scene that made you laugh? Which character would you like to have over for dinner? Why?

9. Is there a character to you that most embodies friendship? How were they a good friend?

10. Did you have a favorite minor character? Why that character?

11. In one sentence, what is The Christmas Note about